Snowy Day! ❄️

Hello, my adorable readers ♥

I had no clue what to make today’s blog post about since all I did was nap all day but finally, as the day came to an end, something really cool happened but also, I’ve got things to chat to you about!

I used to have a lot of blogs that I didn’t get involved on because I would post like 5 blogs and then I would ditch it since I’m not involved with the community but lately, I have started getting involved and it was like super cool and stuff! I met a person called Elm from Just Call Me Elm or something and she’s just so cute and nice and I absolutely adore her and her blog is so fun so go check her out! She’s a British blogger who’s 18 years old and she’s like 3 years older than me but she’s super fun.

The other person I met today was ABG (Awkward Brown Guy) from The Awkward Brown Guy and he’s also from Britain and he’s 28 years old so his blog shouldn’t really be something I would be interested in but he’s actually really fun! Our trio already has some inside jokes which is amazing and I hope this bond won’t just suddenly disappeared the next day, haha.

I have social anxiety, I’m an introvert, I like being left alone but honestly, I freaking love making new friends!

The other thing I wanted to talk about is the weather here. Not many of you know but I live in Scotland and we have a red alert here. We had an on and off blizzard, a thunder, some nice hailstones, mmmm. I saw people trying to get home from work and getting stuck in the snow and I just felt so sorry for them..

I like snow – I really like snow but not being able to get out is TORTURE, ULTIMATE TORTURE. I want to go make a snowman, I want to have a snowball fight, like please stop my misery.

That’s about it and I hope you guys will have a great day! xx

P.S. Did I mention our fridge stopped working?



14 thoughts on “Snowy Day! ❄️

  1. I live in the Philippines, and we have no snow here. Must be fun building a snowman and having snowball fights! When I was younger, I used to want there be to be snow here. But I guess having those blizzards and hailstones ain’t fun. 😦

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  2. MASON OMGGG helloo I screamed when I saw my name in your post EEE! ABG is fab too and I wanna continue our spontaneous friendship, it makes me so happy. ALSO also, screw snow 😦 i can’t imagine what it’s like for you over there!

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