Languages [Why I Like Them]



Languages. Everybody speaks one. Since I’m such a relatable person, why not make a blog post about languages?

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Small Rants or Small Talk? Pt 1

Welcome to my blog;;

I decided that sometimes I just need to talk to people about random things that are happening around me which are either me making small talk like “I’m making cereal right now” or me just pure ranting with something like “OKAY, YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS”. Either is good but small talk is reserved for strangers and small rants are for my buddies that enjoy me being angry. Continue reading

How To Help Your Friends When They’re Upset

Good evening!!(-^〇^-)

Okay, so the title might seem like the most random thing ever but honestly, it makes sense. I have quite a few friends with depression, maybe 3 out of 4 or maybe even all 4 so I try my best to cheer them up everyday and make them feel valuable.

I decided to make a blog post about it for all the people who maybe have trouble comforting others or they’re scared of how their friend would react if they try to help. Right, I won’t stall any longer so here’s the list:

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I hate that I’m hurting.

Hi, my name is Mason, I’m 15 years old and I hate myself. I hate the way I can easily break my own promises, I hate how weak my mind is, I hate that I can’t help him, I hate that I’m not good enough, I hate that I have problems, I hate that I never had a real friendship. Continue reading

Manga Review – Detective Conan/Case Closed

‘Ello everyone (◍•ᴗ•◍)

Today I decided to give you a manga review! My blog has been lately only about my life and not a lot of people want to know about that so to be more accepted into the blogger community, I decided to do something that actually contains a theme, which is a review! ^^ Continue reading

Did I Have Problems With Mental Health? + Happiness

Good morning (´▽`;)

I decided to make a blog post before school and today I’ll talk about my mental health story but also some things that I found out recently! About myself of course because you know that I’m a teenager and I keep growing mentally and maybe even physically but I think I had my last growth sprout and that’s about it for me. Mentally though – yes, I’m definitely still growing.

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Valentine’s Day Rant

Hello (ノ^o^)ノ

No, I am not going to rant about how I don’t have a date and how I want to be in a relationship since I’m a lithromantic and I don’t even want a relationship, haha. I am going to rant about a point me and Canis came to when we were standing outside and sitting on the wall again.

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